Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are extremely popular keywords today, but not all services are created equally. There are plenty of companies that claim guaranteed results, but will end up selling you very little for a huge monthly price. They’ll also tell you that this type of service takes many months to see progress, and they’re right. Unfortunately, they expect payment every month, and you have no idea if it’s working. At AVA+ Technologies, we fully understand the concepts and tools required to be successful in this area, and we will work with you to meet your goals. If your goals are too ambitious for your industry or geographic area, we’ll let you know. Managing expectations is important in this area, and we want you to be pleased with the work we do.

Working from home is a huge benefit in today’s modern workplace. There are many ways to go about this, and it all depends on your individual needs. AVA+ can set up remote connections that allow you to access some or all of your business’s computer systems. We can also advise on telephony equipment so you can get calls on your mobile when somebody calls your office phone.

Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) can be invaluable to many different types of customers. They can also be a huge pain to shop for, and then set up. At AVA+, we are familiar with several of the top products to manage all your customer data, keep in touch with them, and follow them through the sales process to stay on top of your goals.

If you’re in a business that is attracting plenty of customers, but they’re not spending the amount of money you need to be successful, you may need a stronger marketing campaign to attract a different type of customer, or some discount offers to entice customers to feel like they’re getting a better deal. Also, your customers may not understand your products as well as you might think. A little customer education may go a long way. Self-promoting videos, educational videos, and so forth are well within the skill set of our technicians at AVA+.

What’s your marketing budget? Do you use social media platforms or Google Ads? How does your website look? How many visitors does your website get per day? These are all questions that AVA+ can help you answer, and help you set up to attract more customers.