Taking Your Newly Repaired Computer Home

A customer calls me today. She took her laptop computer home yesterday, and it worked great, she says. But today, she continues, it doesn’t power up and displays a low battery. Got it. I explain that it sounds like a case where some part of the AC adapter is not correctly plugged in, either at the wall, or in the computer itself. She puts me on hold to double check. A minute later, she comes back on the phone, and is relieved to have fixed the problem.

This scenario is fairly common. Laptop or desktop, often is the case that a customer purchases one of these devices for the home, sets it up in their desired location, and it doesn’t move for the lifetime of the device. Even though a laptop is considered to be a mobile device, we have dozens of customers that use it on a desk, and never anywhere else. I can see the convenience in this, over a desktop. It uses less power, it doesn’t take up as much room, and it is cleaner to look at without all the cords and cables associated with a desktop. No problem. But when it does need to move for a long time, customers forget what goes into the physical setup of the device. We’ve all done this for one thing or another- take it apart to clean, swap batteries, or repair; then forget how it goes back together. Trust me, because outside of computers, this happens to me too from time to time.

I do wonder though, that because it’s easy for our customers to get a repaired computer home, only to forget to reconnect something, they don’t just blame us for not doing something correctly, and think of us poorly without ever calling. Or maybe they set everything up perfectly, but an update completes in that very first start up after getting it home, and a conflict occurs between the physical hardware and the Windows update Microsoft so urgently pushes without warning or a proper vetting process. What then? I’ve said it time and time again, with Windows 10, updates and issues are common. We barely own these devices in Microsoft’s eyes. We are merely “licensed” to use them. Without an operating system like Windows 7, 8, 10, our computers would be nearly useless to 95% of the population.

We are proud of the work we do here, but we do not have ultimate dominion over the computers that come in and out of here. If something doesn’t seem right, or the issue for which you brought your computer to us in the first place persists, please let us know. You have thirty days from the time you pick up your computer to let us know if you need additional help. We’ll help you get set back up, and follow-up on the original issue during that time. Of course, we cannot tackle issues not related in that time, just like a mechanic won’t stand by the performance of your headlights when you brought your car in for an oil change.

If you have any questions about this article, or anything else. Call or email us: 219-987-4914/support@avaplustech.com.