Protecting Your Computer from Lightning Strikes

Outside of major metropolitan areas, thunderstorms do some damage to unsuspecting computer owners. Because we’ve got big open fields and underground cables, lightning finds easy access to the phone and cable lines. Back in the day, we may have seen or heard of people getting scorched phone receivers on their landline phones when a nearby lightning strike would follow its way through a hard line. Today, the same sort of thing can happen.

Many times, after a thunder and lightning storm, we’ll receive calls from customers about their Internet being down. A common problem is that the computer’s ethernet port wouldn’t have proper protection against a large surge of power that comes in through the phone or cable lines, through your modem, and into your computer. These ethernet network cards are usually built into your computer’s motherboard, and can’t easily be fixed.

What can be done is to add an external ethernet adapter, or add a separate stand-alone internal network adapter to your computer. AVA+ can advise you on what would be the best for your situation.

To prevent these types of problems, we suggest an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) such as the APC brand seen here: