Windows 10 – DVD Movie Playback

Windows Media Center was a feature-rich application that Microsoft included since the XP days. No longer will Microsoft support the playback of your DVD movies by default. They are asking their users to pony up a whopping $14.99 for an app in the Microsoft Store for this functionality! We here at AVA+ think there are plenty of better ways to spend your money, and also plenty of better apps.

We suggest you try the ever-popular VLC Media Player. It plays just about every type of video file you can find, and has tons of useful features. It’s often stated that it’s not the most user-friendly piece of software out there, but its online community is vast, and every possible question you have will be answered numerous times. Don’t be afraid to search Google for “VLC How to _____?”

In order to pick up the latest version of VLC’s desktop application, you can find it and learn more on their website at To avoid the clutter, you can go straight to our favorite site for a quick download and install of it at